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Season Reports

Welcome to Pierson High School's Robotics Site!

We're glad you found your way to our site. Whether you're curious about the First Robotics Competition, wondering about activities at Pierson, want to get involved, or even if you're from another team, we hope this site helps you find what you're looking for.


At the 2014 SPBLI Long Island Regional competition, Team 28 made it all the way to finals, coming in second place overall. But, Team 28 also gained the FIRST Engineering Inspiration Award, which gained the team a spot at the national competition in St. Louis.

However, the team needs help in order to raise the funds to get the team to St. Louis. If you would like to contribute, you can contact Clint Schulman at cschulman@sagharborschools.org. All checks for the team should be made out to FRC Team 28.

This year's game: Aerial Assist

This years game requires two alliances of three robots to compete against each other. The objective is for each alliance to score as many goals as possible by scoring balls into the goals. This game also requires that alliance robots work together, as their alliance receives more points if they do.

After the autonomous period has ended, an alliance is given a single ball and must cycle this ball in order to gain points. Alliances must try and maximize their points by throwing the ball over the truss, catching balls launched over the truss, and scoring into either the high or low goals at the end of the field. Working with your alliance's robots is encouraged in this competition, as you gain points for "assists," which are earned by having the different robots in the alliance have possession of the ball as it moves down the field into one of the goals.

Check out the link below to see the 2014 FRC Competition animation www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxp4dkMQ1Vo‎

To see Team 28's results from this years competition, go to